Radius Analytics

The Analytics feature was created to allow users to track the conversion rate of marketing segments created for a targeted campaign over time. With the addition of these feature, users would be able to determine if the segments they created were having the intended effect, and adjust their marketing and targeting strategies accordingly.


User flow mapping

Design for the feature began with a competitive analysis of analytics dashboards across a number of different industries.Next, a user flow was created to map out all of the potential user interactions and subsequent changes to the UI.  

sketching and ideation

After vetting the user flow with the project lead, the core features were sketched and various iterations of the layout were created. Emphasis was placed on being able to see both a list of the top ten segments created over the life of the user's account, while also allowing them to "drill down" into the details of a specific segment or date range. 

Visual design collaboration and onboarding

While working with a visual designer and front-end developer on the final design details, a late request for an onboarding mechanism was requested to accompany the rollout of the new feature. A series of "beacons" was implemented to highlight the feature in the core product dashboard, guiding users towards the Analytics page, as well as instructing them how to use the new feature effectively.