Merlin Dashboard

"Project Merlin" was an internal-facing feature designed to allow our team of data scientists and engineers to more closely monitor the health of the systems responsible for generating marketing segments at Radius. The design team was tasked with devising a more "glanceable" interface that could be permanently displayed on a dedicated monitor in the engineering section for constant monitoring.


Initial feature audit

I started this project by first examining the current UI used by the data team for monitoring, and devising a user flow of all of the key actions a user might take when interacting with the system.

Sketching and ideation

I then worked with the data team directly to whiteboard out how each new piece of data on the new dashboard would fit together into a single view. I found that breaking the each status item to be monitored into cards made the information more digestible, and easier to arrange and test via paper prototyping with the team.

wireframing and front-end collaboration

As the position of each card was finalized, I provided wireframes to our front-end designer, whom I worked with closely to bring the concept up to full visual fidelity. The end result allowed the data team to monitor the health of the core servers responsible for Radius' segmentation feature, and quickly respond to any issues that arose.