Get your rate quote

The Get Your Rate section of LendingHome's site was designed to allow prospective borrowers to quickly acquire a rate quote for a home mortgage. Emphasis was placed on the first-time homebuyer, with a question flow inspired by a typical conversation a borrower might have with a Mortgage Loan Advisor. After completing this flow, the borrower is then taken to their loan dashboard to complete the rest of their loan application.  


Sketching and initial ideation

Following a competitive review of other rate acquisition flows in the mortgage space, I started by sketching and ideating on various rate questions and visualizations. These early ideas focused on the concept of a "tailor-made" loan for the borrower, configuring a loan product based on the answers to accessible questions about their new home (e.g. "What do you care most about: A low upfront cost or a Low Monthly Payment?").

Prototyping and usability testing

Once an initial design direction was agreed upon, I put together some low-fidelity wireframes in Sketch, and imported those into InVision to be linked to a click-through prototype. This prototype was then paired with a written research plan and two rounds of unmoderated usability testing were conducted. 

Completed feature

Following feedback from the usability testing, additional contextual tooltips were added to explain terminology used in the flow, and the branching logic of the page was simplified to reduce the number of questions asked. The end result established a brand new rate process for the first-time homebuyer, and reduced the number of support calls for rate quotes by allowing borrowers to self-serve.