borrower dashboard

The borrower dashboard is the central hub of LendingHome's borrower experience; it is equal parts to-do list, status tracker, and messaging center for all communications related to a loan. As a part of the complete redesign of the product experience pending the launch of the consumer mortgage platform, the design team was tasked with simplifying all of these disparate features, and combining them into a single interface. 


The original dashboard and Flow mapping

LendingHome's original borrower dashboard was focused on the hard money, or "fix-and-flip" market, and because most borrowers were already experienced in buying homes, little contextual explanation or guidance was present. The file uploading and application experience was also fragmented, lacking clear progression. As a first step, I worked with our Operations team to outline the origination process. 

Core modeling, iteration and usability testing

After outlining the essential user flow for the application and origination process, I conducted a working session with the core stakeholders on the project, using the core modeling method to ensure that business goals were aligned with the user tasks identified. Concepts were then taken from whiteboard to wireframe using Sketch, and then imported into InVision for testing via remote usability testing. Several iterations of testing took place to identify a new application process centered around the division of tasks into finite groups for completion. 

FINished dashboard and borrower tasks

The final dashboard contains much greater context around the current status of a borrower's loan, as well as what what tasks they should work on next. The tasks themselves are more consistent as an extension of the dashboard, providing clear supporting text and progression as a borrower works through their application.